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from Hawai`i

December 1995 - December 1996

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Frank Among
E ho'omau, no ka mea, he hana pono keia.

Cord-Uwe von Deylen
It is about time for the US Government and the State Government to return the stolen Lands to the rightful owners. The Hawaiian People!!!

Shawn C. Hiatt
Hiatt Productions
Aloha. I'm glad to see a Hawaiian WWW location, I am sympathetic to your cause...all the best for the future

Stephen Medaris Bull
Kaneohe, HI
Glad to see this home page in place. I support your quest. Aloha,

Larry Mason
Makaha, Hawai'i
Very nice WEB Site...

Michael L. Gonsalves
Council on Literacy and Lifelong Learning
I'm impressed! You guys are high-tech!

Myron & Ann Nyquist
Captain Cook, HI
Thank you for posting this information. We wish you the best of luck in your efforts. Keep us posted.

Gregory McManus
Waimea (The Big Island)
Waimea Farms
I am trying to become informed. Thanks for the forum.

Sonja Evensen
Ka'ohao, Ko'olaupoko
Aloha kaua! Imua!

Sterling Yee
Very impressive WWW display and information

Lee Mentley

Kenika Papakema
Welina mai nei ke aloha! Maika'i keia miki. Mahalo au iaia.

Joel M. Tanaka
Tripler Medical Center; Information Mgt Div
Honolulu, Hawaii
One of the most beautiful offerings on the web!!!
Simply dazzling!

Ceil Sinnex
Univ. of Hawaii
I am very happy to see that you are on the Web, and that you provide important documents. Facts were buried and distorted for nearly a century after the overthrow. Knowledge is power! Although I am not kanaka maoli, I am very sympathetic to the sovereignty cause. Aloha.

Scott Gray
Oahu, HI
Now as a resident of Hawaii, and growing up in South Florida and seeing what I call the travesties of the Native American, in this case the Seminole Indian, I am in full support of the Native Hawaiian and Homeland Argument (return). I just wonder in 1995 if most realize that the US Government will NEVER return to the Native Hawaiian People anything. Bits and pieces of land may be set aside over time, but it (Big Brother) will NEVER, designate an Island or any decent piece of land. I feel this is wrong, but with people like Ms. Trask, and her "Loud" way of speaking out, most people, to include myself find her more amusing than taking her serious. A "soft" voice is needed or nothing will ever really be done (In my humble opinion)

Kalani Kalima
'Ohana Council
University of Hawai'i at Manoa
I'd like to be sent any information about upcoming events concerning the 'Ohana Council.

Bill Entrekin
Lahaina, HI
I am voter citizen resident of Lahaina since 1983. I am interested in supporting legitimate Hawaiian claims.

Christopher Hyde Belknap
Design Synergy Group
Honolulu, Hawaii
Aloha to everyone at the Nation. Great to be working with you.

Jim Morrow
Hilo, Hawaii
I know so little of the Nation of Hawaii. I appreciate the ability to learn and try to understand. Mahalo! Jim...

Devin P. Alford
I support and admire your efforts. I just wish you and the Trask sisters could unite together - what strength!

Benton Kealii Pang
`Ahahui Malama I ka Lokahi
Makiki, O`ahu
You should have links to other sovereignty home pages like Poka Laenui, and other indigenous nations. You also need to include diacritical marks, including the kahako in your home page, otherwise everything Hawaiian word you type out is a potential spelling error. Otherwise I think this is a great page worthy of Hawaiian potential. Kealii

Russell Yau
BYU Hawaii and Polynesian Cultural Center
Laie, Hawaii
A great use of the web!

Bill and Cathy Cowern
Lawai, Hi
Good will overcome eventually. Hawaiian sovereinty is good.
Our prayers go with all who think and live their lives in the spirit of the hawaiian way of life.

Leo Kamauoha Kakalia, Jr.
Ka Lahui
I'am very impressed!!!

Ed Elkin
Creative Resources Guild-Hawaii Office
My first visit today to the Nation in Waimanola to reconnect with Bumpy and the "family" Wonderful experience and wrote some notes on the visit, sent to Daniel Cohen at The Daily Planet, Maui's Bulletin Board. Pi also added his thoughts.
So pleased to be part of this historic transition-time.
Mahalo nui loa. Jor-El

Janine L. Denny
I enjoyed this page and the links that it had. I would like more information as it becomes current!

Paul D. Acciavatti
Sustainable Living Institute
Hakalau, Hilo-pali-ku, Hawaii
Good information! Mahalo for your efforts! What is the Nations position on recent statements by Mililani Trask?

Chris Chaja
Opportunities of Hawaii
Good Luck...
Hawaii was yours before the Euro's came,,,,
It should be yours again....
Mahalo! - CC

Richard, Donna & Christopher Cassera
Waikoloa Village, HI
May all your goals be achieved peacefully.

Bill Courtney
Courtney Computer Consulting, Inc.

Scott Kaniela Rowland
Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics & Planetology (UH)
I'm amazed that the State allowed you folks space on its home page, but I think it is great. Good luck!

Dale S. Vincent
Lanikai School
Great outline of the issues!

Justin Higuchi
University of Hawaii
Manoa, Hawaii
Very well organized site. Nice guestbook form.

Daniel Steven Katz
As a school teacher trying to bring local issues and concerns into my classroom, I have found this page a valuable resource about an important issue. Mahalo for providing a well-designed and informative page!

Michael W. Tanji
You have put together a fine page. Good luck in all your endeavors and if a local non-Hawaiian can help you folks out in any way, let me know.

Daniel Cohen
The Daily Planet BBS
Hawai`i, Earth
malama pono

Thomas J. Ferguson
I have been following the developments in the Sovreignty movement since the 1978 State Con-con, am impressed with the progress in the movement. It appears to me that there are a number of fundamental issues which have not been addresed as yet, but this is understandable as there has not been an assembly in which the divergent views as to what the form of sovreignty would be.

Raymond J Hutaff
Great!! all will now know and understand!!

janet ward
This place was pretty cool
Mahalo for all the great work!

Nona Beamer
Beamer Hawaiiana
Big Island & Maui
Great info !!Fine research !! Excellent Coverage !! Much appreciated for many level of students and professionals alike, Mahalo a nui loa and keep up the good work. Nona Beamer

John M. Champagne
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Please do not forget your fallen brother, Windyceslau D. Lorenzo, also known as Kamehameha V1, who is paying the price in a Federal Prision Camp for his Hawaiian beliefs.

Deane K. Yamane
I'm with you! How do I sign up

Robert Burrows
Big Island Review Journal
I publish a paper on the Big Island and would like to print something from your group on a monthly basis. By the way, I canπt get into your welcome page for some reason.

MarshaRose Joyner
Aloha Bumpy,
Enjoyed reading all of the articles. Please let me know when you can be a guest on our radio show.
Aloha nu loa,

Stephen A. Bibbs
I came across your locale via Lib of Congress. Please, let
more know here via the local online servers (or do you?).
Anyway, this is really exciting to find you.

Janet Ward
This was fun!!!!!

Katie Fisher
Island School
We searched for Hawaiian Sovereignty during a class and were pleased to find you!

Carrie Mathis
aloha....thanks for the information

Nathan Yuen
Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
While I am not Hawaiian, I am somewhat sympathetic to the cause of Hawaiian sovereignty. I would like to know more about the three different models of Hawaiian sovereignty.

Melvin Ah Ching
Melvin Ah Ching Productions
Well I don't have any home page or anything like that, but I got a bunch of photos on H4 Hawaii's Data Superhighway that you can view... so that is what my WWW address is for the moment.
This WEB page is very informative. I am part Hawaiian but am not sure what model of soverignty I would support or even if I would support it at all.
Still this page is nice and exposes the world to Hawaii's confusing dilemma as to "who should really be in charge" around here.

Frans Nyhuis
I hope you are seriously addressing the issue of Native American rights to operate casinos on private land. Although the legislature has dragged its feet on bringing gaming to Hawai'i (imagine that, the state legislature dragging its feet), I would hope the Hawaiians would be able to establish a casino on their own, without state intervention. If the state were to acquire the revenue, no one but the legislators and big business would benefit. There are fears that gaming would attract organized crime. I feel organized crime exists here in Hawaii in the form of the state and local governments. These criminals steal from all residents of Hawai'i, native and non-native. We all know the real reason Hawai'i does not have gaming. The kickbacks that the politicians receive from Las Vegas lobbyists to prevent the loss of Hawaiian gaming revenue there would be sorely missed. Unless those politicians were ensured that they could steal more from a local casino, they will never approve a gaming referendum. Please establish your own casino, at least the money will go to the people most deserving. Thank you for the forum.

Susan Ekimoto Jaworowski
Your canoe plants article was wonderful. I hope you will make it a permanent part of your site.

Duane Erway
New Direction's
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Although non-Hawaiian, BOTH my wife and I support the quest for a rational hearing on sovereignity and would like to find ways to support your efforts and, at the same time, get across messsages about interdependance and living quality, sustainable lives on this beautiful planet.

Matthew Katsuo Makaio Lum
Makaio Enterprises
Hahaione Valley
Aloha mai! I would just like to say this: Hawaiian groups should get together and join hands in unity. Everyone has their differences but if you argue about who's right, nothing will ever get done for the people who need help: native Hawaiians. Each group has something positive to contribute. Why not promote unity instead of separatism and then strength will come.
Aloha a hui hou ame Malama pono,
Matthew Lum

Kenneth & Juliet Romero
3rd Wave Design & Consulting
Kapa'a, Kauai
Best Wishes!

Rev. Dennis Shields
The Religion of Jesus Church
Kaawaloa [captain cook]
Aloha from Kona

Denise Crosby
This is my first look at your home page. I'm enjoying it!

M. Peri Cope
Graduate Student - UH (Dept. of Geography)
Honolulu (Makiki)
I enjoyed your site and the work that has been put into this project very much. I am a non-native resident of your state and I feel that your cause is just. I hope and pray that justice in your behalf might be served. I would appreciate receiving additional information concerning your current and future efforts. Thank you for the opportunity to live in and enjoy your beautiful nation as I complete my graduate studies.

Zachary Kapule
Ka 'Ohana 'o La'aloa
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Put us on your mailing list Please.

Mike Maddux
Kahei Kohala Hawaii
Congratulations! Hele on...

Richard Dickison
I support the idea in principle, but from all of my interactions so far, the advocates seem to be racist. I won't support racism in any form. There should be no reference to 'Haoles' in any derogatory sense as the cause of your problems. I think you should accept support from anyone that wants to give it, regardless of race. I have gone to Makaha, Makapu'u, and many other places and have been confronted by people that support your cause and have been told that I should go home because I am a Haole.
[editor's note: the Nation of Hawai`i is inclusive, and our Constitution provides naturalized citizenship, voting, protection of rights, and participation in government for all permanent residents of Hawai`i. The 'racism' Mr. Dickison experiences is, however, the result of systematic discrimination against the Hawaiian people, and is one of the challenges we face as we work toward a harmonious future...]

Richard Melcher
Lovely Page, someone did a beautiful job of setting this up. Hope you continue furnishing information in an unbiased and useful way. Mahalo.

Nohea W. Leong
'a'ohe i keia manawa
Hilo, Moku o Keawe
Aloha Kakou! Mahalo nui for your hard work in putting this program together! It is full of so much information and great graphics. Success in the Hilo courts lately, although no precedent was set as far as ruling against the eviction. Now I know you're here, so I'll be checking back. Katie and Kaleo should be moving to Hilo soon. A Hui Hou...

Kalani Nishimura
Ohana Business Machines Inc.
kane'ohe, Oahu
Looks good! I like it.. I wuz 1 part of the "kingdom of Hawai'i" sovereignty group, headed by Kabule Kauahi. They published the "Iolani" newspaper. but some how the group kinda fell apart (temporary?) but I am still support the sovereignty movement. The Hawaiian islands belongs to the Hawaiian (kanaka moali) people. one day I'd like to check out your stuff's ...
Mahalo, Kalani Nishimura

Greg Buettner
Aumakua Arts
Nice to find you here!

Robert J. Wolff
Big Island of Hawaii
I am interested

Matthew Randall Taum
Kalihi, O`ahu, HI
I wish this web page the very best in trying to educate the public about the nation of Hawai`i.

Terry Kalaukoa Santos Bras

Jim Hunt
Honoka'a High School (w/Ku Kahakalau)
Kukuihaele/ Waipi'o Valley (History Project)
Congratulations! Great Work! We'd like to share our 3 yr. effort on an interactive multimedia community history project on nearby Waipi'o Valley. We just took 2nd lace at the New York PC Exp with Penn St. taking 1st. We've created an editor to allow our teachers and students to create similar projects easily and quickly. We plan on pressing CD's for Hawaiian Studies use and hopefully getting them out for free. With 216 sub-topics, it would be nice to open it into a state-wide project. Anyway, I'd be happy to send you a video if you get me an address Til then...a hui hou! Jim

Everett Peacock
American Interactive Services
Keep up the good work.

David Wright
Friends of The Red Road
Kehena, Lower Puna, Big Island
I'm very impressed with your page . . . the links are especially good.
You probably know Uncle Sam and maybe the Maku'u Ohana way out here. We know each other and we will most likely helping the Hilo office when they are ready to go WWW.
I am really interested to hear what you have to say about our new webpage. Please have a look. I respectfully ask that you review ourwording and style in terms of cultural content. I would like to insure that net-surfering Hawaiians feel in tune with what is presented on our pages. If you have any basic advice, I would appreciate that too.
If you know of any of the Nation's novice net-surfers out here in Puna,you may let them know that I'm here and willing to help them get set up.
Mahalo for a cool webpage.

Jack Johnstone Napoleon
Keep up the good work!
Do you have a tour or orientaion program for a family visit?
Are your councel meeting open to the public? I am interested in attending the meetings concerning Jack Gonzales (who is a dear friend).

Marcia Godinez
Jovian Gallery
Wailuku, Maui
Hello again! I signed the guest book before I had read through the various links. I am profoundly impressed with the level of wisdom, reasonableness, and basic good sense that I am finding on these pages. It is quite heartening. I am also impressed with the entire web site--both in terms of content and the overall aesthetic. I should not have been surprised. The Hawai'i people I have been fortunate enough to know and learn from have all had a natural elegance--whether they were teaching a class, making preparations for a hula performance, or sweating it out in the patch. In terms of "getting it" (being relevant in thought, word, and deed) people of Hawai'i have always been way, way, way ahead of the curve. So it makes sense that a practical tool like the web would be utilized to a high creative level. And I'm just so happy to find the spirit and philosophy of Aloha so strong and intact--so pervasive in these pages. We tend to get emotional and want all the changes immediately--but the older I get the more I understand that great change, significant, life-altering change, takes place not in a day or a week or a month--or even a year. It's more like a decade--and actually a generation is more like it. By the time your kids assume positions of leadership, truly momentous change will have already occurred. We do have to be patient, focused and steadfast. It's all happening. Yay team!
A me ke Aloha pumehana pau ole,

Charles Busby
I am a beginner on the Internet and just found this

Timothy Evans Scrogham
An outstanding page(s) I'm a student at HPU taking Hawai'i Heretige and History. I found this page surfing. Mahalo's

Shunyam Nirav
New Dawn Environmental Services
Huelo, Maui
M a h a l o
& A l o h a !

Robert Kawika Gowan
Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers Assoc.
please place this 'kamaaina' haole farmer on your mailing list

Herbert Peter Hamersma
The Big Island (Puna)
I have reently retired from the Air Force and the wife and I decided on retiring here on the Big Island. I have spent most of my career in the Pacific, including almost 12 years on Guam. The Chamaro people of Guam are experiencing similiar problems as the native peoples of Hawaii. I was interested in obtaining inforamtion about your movement and its goals and if possible a copy of the Constitution.
Thanks for your time and effort.

Wailele Mathis
Aiea, Hawai'i
I am very interested in how the movment is going!

paul j.dombrosky
Dept of Health
makakilo city
I think it's great. You the real owners of the Aina, are doing more then the state.

Lyndon Yamane
Kekaha, Kauai
Keep up the wonderful work and godbless you all...

Daryl Hansen
Big Kahuna Productions
Kihei, Maui
It's Happening!

Milton Docktor
Business Brokers Hawaii, Inc.
Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
While we make our living selling businesses, I have a very personal desire to assist Hawaiians to own their own business. I've taught at the Maui Community College and through Alu Like. I will do everything I can to assist Hawaiians and those who wish they were to go into business so as to enrich their financial lives.

Kamaile Moniz
Very interesting. My mom will really enjoy your page!


Noreen Ohai Daniels
Waonahele at Kupono Farms - tropical flower farm and Bed and Breakfast
Kapa'a, Kaua'i, Hawai'i
Finally, it's okay to be Hawaiian and proud of our heritage and culture. At 47 I am finally learning my native language and thank God that I have lived to see this day when my children can speak the language and actually know more about the culture than we were ever allowed to learn. My aloha to all who have been so diligent and faithful in keeping the fires burning. Mahalo a nui loa

Eric M. Kapono
Hale Kuamo`o Hawaiian Language Center
Waiakeawaena, Hilo, University of Hawai`i
Kako`o ia Pu`uhonua Kanahele!!
E holomua me ka `onipa`a no ka `aina i ka`ili `ia, ke aupuni i `aihue `ia, ke ea e ho`omau `ia ai!!
Mahalo a nui loa ia `oukou!!

William Files
Alexandria Va
I have spent many years on the Islands and them and the people of Hawai'i very much. I am concerned that so much is happining in the Islands that you and others will distroy what Aloha is left.
I remain open minded.

Joseph W. Leong
Hilo, Hawaii UHH
Aloha Kakou!! Need to know for a better knowledge and understanding towards educating and education of constitution of the Nation of Hawaii

Donald Wayne Deatherage
Vintage Books & Comics
St. Louis , Mo
My curiosity is aroused. My mother's family is from Oahu, I was born there, and my family still own (from my mother) land there (not the 99yr, own outright for generations). I know much more than the average american about the history of the islands.
So, I am curious.????????

William A. Friedll
National Defense Center of Excellence for Research in Ocean Sciences (CEROS)
Just out surfin' the net.
Delighted to see you on the home page.
Keep up the good work.

Native Hawaiian Advisory Counsel
Paalaakai, Waialua, Oahu
Holomua ka poe Hawaii!!

John Borders
Honolulu, HI
Hello, I live in Hawaii Kai. I am pleased to see you value the importance of technology to communicate with others about your particular point of view. This technology enables, or rather empowers, the users to reach out and touch someone. And this particular technology, empowers the Nation of Hawaii to communicate much more extensively and faster than Captain James Cook could have ever imagined. I hope the messages you send reflect your aloha for all the peoples of Hawaii.

Kathryn Jacques
Kahuku High and Intermediate School
Kahuku, Oahu
Kahuku High is reinstituting its Hawaiian language course and as AEPL dept. head I am interested in all that relates to the various languages taught at Kahuku.

Tim Orden
The Maui Windsurfing Report
Keokea, HI
a couple things....
I don't know if you guys are into really getting soverenity going or are just gonna be more Aloha sprited fools. I know this upsets some people that I say this. Too bad. You like talk?

Gerald DeOreo
Big Island - Keaau - Hawaiian Paradise Park
I sincerely hope that the Nation of Hawai'i presence on the Web will increase everyones awareness of your purpose. Though I am not Hawaii-born, I have lived here for 35 years and have always respected and admired the Hawaiian people. I hope and pray that full recognition of the Hawai'i Nation will happen in my lifetime.

Kimo A. Cashman
Contemporary Hawaiian Artists
Ewa Beach, O`ahu
Imua! We follow your example to assert our inherent rights. Let us know how we can help.

Merlyn E. Lyons
Hana, Maui
Thank you for the effort. The results will soon follow.

Craig Henderson
Na Po'e Hawai'i
Keep up the good work.

Robert Vernon Carlson
Honolulu, Hawaii

Michael Ishii
University of Hawaii
The Hawaiian Sovereignty issue is a very tense one among many island residents. I feel more people (not only Hawaiians) should support the cause. I am very proud to see that this web page is up and running. It will serve to educate everyone willing to access it. As for myself, I am not Hawaiian, but support the cause fully. Because the way I see it, the Hawaiians and other Native People have been unlawfully persecuted by the US Government. They have succeeded in genocide. Where did all the Eastern Natives go? They're all dead. If we (all people) don't support Hawaiians and other Native People, extinction is all that is left. Keep up the great work and continue to educate the people of the world to the plight of the Hawaiian people.
-Michael Ishii
Note: I do not like to call the proud Native people of North America, "Native Americans" or Indians, because I feel it is a term propagated by the White mans ignorance.

Alan Verga
I support this.

steve reiff
I have been following the progress of the Sovereignty movement for a long time. The many injustices suffered by Hawaiians need to be resolved wisely, justly and with love, for the good of us all. I have been part of a movement here in Maunaloa to try and save this historic plantation town. The injustice and bureaucratic bullshit is incredible. The system must respond to the needs and wants of the people.

anthony lyons
I am very interested in and support your ideals. I am part Hawaiian and beleive in your cause and beleive that Bumpy is a 'political" prisoner..

Jason Clay Russo
Soldier, U.S. Army
Schofield Barracks Hawaii
I wish you much success with your secession movement. The Hawaii'n peopple deserve to be capable of living in their own Home without the inability to afford land or the other outragous prices here. The Hawaii'n people should not have to go to the mainland because they cannot afford to live in their own land.

Charles H. Miller
Honolulu Community College
This arrest, though patently unjust, reminds us that at least some in government fear the progress that is being made. No other explanation suffices for the flimsy, absurd charges, and the obscene decision about bail requirements. These are too irrational to be the results of a calm, well-considered plot against the Nation of Hawaii. There is no special urgency that forced them to move this way. Somebody, either in the US Government here, or (more likely) with friends in the US Government, started this action. This is the action of a worried, flustered person. If we could only know *what* they feared, we would have gone a long way toward calming them. But since there is really nothing for the US Government to fear from Sovereignty, guessing their fear is an exercise in imagination.*Sigh*
What a travesty!

Kawika McGuire
Student Equity, Excellence & Diverstiy
I am glad that this page is on the WWW to give others exposure, outside of the state to what is happening with the Sovereignty movement.

Paul Patrick Bishop Robinson
The Hana Coast Gallery
Puuiki, Hawai'i
Really excellent graphics and information. ...Upward and onward, Brothers!

brian jennings
go for it bra i am a 26 year resident here in hawaii and i love this place as you do. i hope your fortunes and rewards come to all the hawiians

Marjorie Erway
Glad there's a way to stay in touch with what's happening. I'm new to the Big Island and want to understand as much as I can about the sovernigty movement.

Stephen R. Tangalin II
Its great to see that technology serves as tools rather than hinderence, what better way to make a presence and touch billions of lives!

Justin K. Scott
Vidtech Enterprises
I think the arrest of Bumpy Kanahele was a good sign for sovereignty because Nelson Mandela went to jail and when he came out he got his own country.
What do the Native Americans have to say about our movement of sovereignty?
I think you should spend more time trying to convince other Hawaiians to go for sovereignty because most of them don't want it and most of the Hawaiians I know don't want it.

Gailene Va. Holley
Citizens Committe for Common Sense
Windward O'ahu
I an concerned that Bumpy Kanahele is being held without bail which seems to identify him as a political prisoner. I have read nothing to indicate that your organization is a violent one though that is the misconception in some parts of the community. I would hate to see Mr. Kanahele persectued & prosecuted like Leonard Peltier.
Aloha, gailene

Bob McCulloch
a citizen of the state of Hawaii
As a non-native Hawaiian, I am very confused by what I have read in the media. I am sympathetic to the cause of re-establishing the Kingdom of Hawaii. What part can I play as a non-native Hawaiian? What can I look forward to as a current citizen of the State of Hawaii if Hawaii should becaome a sovereign nation?

Tom Aitken
Counselor, Pahoa High and Intermediate School
Kaimu, Kalapana, Puna, Hawaii
I am the supportive local haole person.
Go for it!

Marc R. Alexander
Hawaii Catholic Conference
Kaneohe, HI
Great page with a lot of helpful information!

Deke Ikaika Saffery
Student-University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Honolulu, Hawai'i
I wish to be placed on the electronic mailing list so I can not only keep track of the latest news within the Nation of Hawai'i, but also my grandma Rev. Nani E. Saffery.

Bill and Mary Chase
Sustainable Development Now!
North shore Kaua'i

Stephen H. Tuell
Imagine Hawaii
Kapaa, HI
Very nice site. I have made it a main menu item on my Imagine Hawaii site. A new site about to become public ( but you can squint at it now if you like ).

Hawaii Nei & Today
Kula, Maui, Hawaii
Free Bumby Now!

John William Mendes
What is the goal of the Hawaii Nation?
What is your plans?
Any information is greatly recieved.

Llana Christine Ivanovich
Maui, Hawaii
I'm really happy to see that this site was created! It's very important that people have the oppertunity to read this and learn more about whats really going on out here. Its also good to see Bumpy's picture. We miss him.

Edward Halealoha Ayau
Hui Malama I Na Kupuna `O Hawai`i Nei
Waikele, `Ewa, O`ahu
Imua e na poki`i a inu i ka wai `awa`awa a`ohe hope i ho`i mai ai

Eric Piesner
I think you folks are definitely on the right track. I wish you success and hope your land had room for a Haole like myself. Good Luck

Joshua Johansen
South Kona, Big Island of Hawaii
Great work, being a 8th grader at Hawaii prep. I have used your home page many times for reports and doccuments. I also used your page to keep myself updated on our progress to a sovgerin nation. I really liked your report on Canoe Plants because I have always been interested in hawaiian plants. This summer i worked in the koa mountains, loging, I ran a D.9 Cat. Bulldozer. You should do a artical about the loging industry. It really helps the forrest more than annything, I should Know.

Akira Shinjo
Freelance Journalist
Honolulu, Hawaii
Let me try to contribute in offering many aspects related to Japan and Japanese. I 'm am doing translation of many Hawaiian Homepages including Hawaii Visitor's Bureau, so that more Japanese Internet users can access Hawaii easily. Talk to you, later, and if you are interested in Networks and Translation Japanese, please send me a Mail.
Mahalo. Akira

Dawn E. Bothie
Angels of Kauai
i fully support your peaceful efforts to return to status as a sovereign nation.

Ian M. Damon
Nuuanu Graphics
Nuuanu & Vineyard
nice page.your sovereignty is a good idea whose time has come.aloha no, wanai

Marvin Buenconsejo Jr.
Keiki Aina
Wailuku, Maui
Let the Bradda be free!

Daniel Andaya
I respect your Pu'uhonua for standing up for what he believes in.
I do not always agree with his methods or philosophy, but I know that whatever he does, he will stand by it even if it means going to jail or prison.
There are a lot of arguments for or against sovereignty for Hawaiians in Hawaii, it is good to know that some people will commit to more than words and stand as a group for a "nation of Hawaii".
Mahalo ke akua me no kanaka maoli me Waimanalo. E ku lakou i lokahi!

mia ishikawa
Kapiolani Community College
How do you do? I'm a college jurnior student in hawaii, for my journalism class, I have been looking for the articles about the oil spill in Alaska which affecting our migrating birds called 'ulili and kolea. According to the Honolulu advertiser newspaper article, migrating birds uliuli is suffering from oil drilling in Alaska. What do you think of this issue? And also what happened to the wildlife species in alaska? What happened to the salmon in Alaska?

Andrew Coffey
Of all the comments in your guest book.I did not see any Negatives Towards Nation of Hawaii. It can't be all that one sided.
[editor's note: we do not exclude negative comments; very few are left]

makalii farm
maunawili valley oahu
right on, do it!

Jeffrey G. Wilmot
Nice Work!

John M. Shklov
Flying Dog Studios
Kapaa, Hawaii
Keep the faith!

michael ching
kaneohe, HI
i think it is good that people are made aware of the events in hawaii from different aspects..instead of only getting information from one source..

Tony Kitchen
Hawaii State Bar Association
You have an excellent and informative web page. Your technical people & authors should be proud of this contribution to the sovereignty movement. Remember that you have a great deal of support in the legal community. I believe that the effective use of technology is a powerful tool to bring about political change, and I commend the people involved in this project for their efforts.

Mad Skilz Transit
Kailua Oahu
My father told me that when he was a boy he remembers seeing everyone cheering and celebrating on the day Hawaii became a state of the U.S. He also remembers going around a corner and seeing and old Hawaiian man crying.

Erik Allred
Lahaina, Maui
Aloha and congrats on making it into the net! I support non-violent social change!

Skip Thomsen
Puna, Hawai`i
I am thrilled to see the Nation of Hawai`i on the Internet. I believe that education will be central to the success of an Independent Nation. You have my full support in your efforts.
Aloha Nui Loa!

Sherraine Michelle Kau`inohealani Nihipali
Hui Kanaka Maiole
Now is the time for our nations new dawn. In which the heavens divine light shines upon

Lorenzo Gonzalez
Waimanalo School
Great site! Keep up the great work... I'll mention the site to all my friends...

William Donovan Okamura
It's good to hear the Mr. Kanahele has been released from prison. I feel the federal government is operating on credit outside of its jurisdiction as stated in the U.S.C.A. at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.

Beth McDermott
Cambridge MA
I thought other visitors to this site should be aware that Bumpy Kanaheles Nation of Hawaii is not the only group in the islands struggling to determine a path to sovereignty. THERE ARE OTHER HAWAIIAN GROUPS engaged in this process, an organization called Ka Lahui being one of them. Bumpy's group offers one model but those of you seriously interested should research the work of other Hawaiians as well. I'm still learning about this issue myself (I grew up on Oahu and have family there and on the Big Island)
[editor's note: other sovereignty organizations are referenced through our links page]

Llana Ivanovich
Maui, Hawaii
Welcome home Bumpy!!

Bill Martinez
Pacific Telecommunications Council
Honolulu, Hawaii
I support the Independence movement 100% providing a democratic nation of some kind emerges as the primary form of the new government.

ALOHA NUI Waimanalo ! howzit to everybody up mauka we love you guyz very much. Are prayers are with you even though are bodies are not. from the WEST SIDE

skip shakro
kihei, maui, hi
Wishing you all the best. Hope the state will give you back your lands.
Too bad it is taking so long. My people were stuck on reservations and look what happened to them.
You deserve your lands so your people will have a place to call theirs and be able to afford to live here.
God bless you aloha!

William Kamana'olana Mills
Ua maika'i no ho'i ko'u heluhelu 'ana i keia mau mea ma luna o ko'u lolo uila. He waiwai no ho'i keia no ka lahui Hawai'i Mahalo nui!

Jason Kalani Pizarro
I'm just responding to the letter I just recieved from Rev. Kedar St.John. First of all I would like to say a big mahalo for responding. I really appreciate it. Second, I would love to be on your mailing list. Please keep me on and please inform me of any events, workshops or activities that you folks might be holding in the future. And since I live on Oahu I would very much like to hear about it. Please! Next, I would kind of like to change the subject. My friend and I would like to start a taro patch in his back yard. My friend lives in Pauoa. It rains a lot there so we figure that it might be a perfect place to make a Lo'i. Any suggestions or recommendations that you might have on the subject would be very appreciative. Any books you might recommend? Do you folks hold any type of workshops on taro or any other type of Hawaiian food crops? Rev. St.John told me that you folks do welcome visitors to your village, and I would like to make a visit some day. Hopefully, very shortly. Anyway, I would appreciate a response and would love to hear from you. Please, you don't have to rush in your response. Whenever you folks do have time I would appreciate a reply. P.S. No forget about the Lo'i eh! Because I love poi! Mahalo Nui Loa, Kalani

Kaliko Kanaele, Sr.
Aloha Aina Life and Education Center
Visiting in Kau's Nation office
Just checkin in......

Kalei Koanohi Keainaina Kapanui
Kailua-Kona Hawaii
I like to thank you guys for finnaly standing up to the People who overthrew our throne.


Abraham Aua'ia Maka'i'ole
Ha iwa iwa
Wailua, Kauai
Need Updates on Group Movements, Reality Foundations and info on Pros & Cons as to Sovereignty Strategy and Tactics -----if possible,Mahalo!!!!!!!!

SahoniRedbird E. English
shadow catchers hawai'i
Kala'e, Moloka'i
Just visiting a quick one today. Noticed you up on the NativeNet and checked in. Looks good. I'll be back.
A Hui Hou from SahoniRedbird...the red-tailed hawk of Kala'e.

bob & helen carnahan
haiku, maui
we love what you've done to the resources at hand, too bad the keikis have a hard time reaching you

Added since December, 1995

Aloha! Howzit you guys!

J.Michael BarrettoSparrow Works
Kaua`i Hawai`i
Aloha Kakou. O Michael ko'u inoa. E waiho oukou i ka ho`ouna ia ia ko`u email
Maika`i keia wahi. E maopopo wau i ka olelo Hawaii (liilii wale no) no hoi, ina ae paha
e lawe mai na hoouna i ka olelo Hawaii me hiki ka unuhi?
Aloha no
ua mau ke ea i ka aina i ka pono
Michael (Nakapuahi) Barretto

Rick and Marcie Carroll
Rick Carroll and Associates
Kailua, O`ahu
Aloha no, keep spreading the news--we're writers, interested in whatever you have to say.

David Coakley
Although I just arrived at this web page, I'm thrilled to see that you've begun to spread the word to the masses via internet. Mahalo!
Dave (Kawika) Coakley

Ron Ferrell
Ka'u Hawai'i (The big island)
As a 27 year long non-hawaiian resident Im very interested in participating in the sovereighty movement. The movement in my opinion needs more coverage via the media. So many do not know of this. I just returned from the mainland, where I mentioned it to many. Not one person knew of the sovereignty issue. Everyone needs to be involved or at the very least notified of what is happening, if for no other reason than to identify all the people and establish who the enemies of the movement are. Make no mistake about it. The U.S. will use brutal force to hang on to these lands. I hope the Nation of Hawai'i succeeds. I hope they understand their adviserary. He is a relentess murdering s.o.b. with out guilt or conscience. I hope we all live to see our freedom. Aloha nui!

Kalani Makekau-Whittaker
Wa`ahila, O`ahu
E inu kakou i ka wai åawaåawa.

Ronald A. Gosselin
Waimanalo, Hawai'i
Aloha! Great page. Keep on fighting for what is right! Aloha!

Kawehiokalaninui-I-amamao K. Kanui
Nation of Hawai'i, Office On Decolonization
Hilo, Hawai'i
Yes, please forward all updates on the trial, changes on events etc. to or call us, at 935-8852 or fax 935-8879.

Mike Palcic
MacMouse Club

Bob Van Der Kaay
Workgroup of Indigeneous Peoples
I support the idea of independence for the Hawaiian people. In order to respect the original Hawaiian culture.

David (Kawika) Coakley
If you want to learn more read 'A Call for Hawaiian Soveriegnty'. Any bookstore should have it.

Lyle Silsby
This is a great & impressive site! Neat picture of the flag!

Trevor Burrows
Kaneohe, Hawaii
Great page!!! I must say that I am not hawaiian at all in culturebut in spirit I am full hawaiian. I love the language, the culturethe life and sharing the aloha throughout the ohana of the islands.
--Trevor Burrows

Nancy & Bob Walden
Waimea - the Big Island
Very impressed with your nicely designed and informative web site. We support your effortsfor justice for the Hawaiian people.

kim dillman tavares
Volcano Business Group
Fern Forest, Hawaii
links to great resources, would like to see more from the Hawaii state government, ie: Archives of Hawaii data, Bureau of Conveyences (especially deeds from the Great Mahele); Vital Statistics & Census records. My wish is to be able to do a majority of my research from home because it's too expensive to fly to Honolulu, rent a car, pay for accomodations and parking. If access to this type of information were available over the net, more people would be researching their origins!

Phronda Keala Smith
Papyrus Systems, Inc
Keep at it!

jason john kalani Lau

Carl M. Varady
Action for Progress
Hawai`i ne
Aloha ka ko. What a fine introduction to the issues of this aina and the Hawaiian people you have created!

Lara Puamae`ole Mui
Dept. of ESL, UH-Manoa (graduate student)
Manoa, Hawai`i
Hau`oli au i ko makou hana. Maika`i a hoihoi keia.
Mahalo nui loa!

Grant Kamamoakupake'e Ka'aua
Waimea, Hawaii (Big Island)
Aloha no kakou. Pehea Oe?
I am 17 years old and I am Hawaiian. I feel that the sovereinty movement is rightous and long deserved, but I feelthat increasing the Hawaiians knowledge in all aspects ofeducation is more inportant than anything else. The stereotype of the poor, uneducated Hawaiian needs to die andyour Nation of Hawaii is not helping. Part of your sovereintyplan needs to include easy access to high education. Raising awarness of the Hawaiian culture is a beautiful thing, but Hawaiians don't need to be debrived of other worldly kwoledge in order to have a complete understanding of their own culture.One example might be free tuition at any of the schools in theU.H. system. I have recieved an excellent education at HawaiiPreparatory Academy. Some people might automatically assume that because of my schooling, I've become "un-Hawaiian." Actually I feel that attending this school has helped me gaina greater desire to understand and gain knowledge about my culture, as well as helping many non-Hawaiians learn the culture. I hope that I have not offended any one, I'm just putting in my two cents in order to help the Hawaiians.
A Hui Hou
Grant K Ka'aua

Hui-Mian Tay
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Well done!

Kaipo Kaninau
To have all this information on the internet for allHawaiians and Hawaiians at heart,to learn more, and make the right choices concerning sovereignty and our childrensfutures is a big step forward. Lets all take the right paths!IMUA HAWAIIANS! BRADDAH KAIPO

lahaina, maui
a non-hostile question? how far back should we try to turn the pages of history? wouldn't it be wiser to look to the future rather than have everyone try to turn back time. i don't know how far back i can trace my ancestry, but i do know that i have no desire to live as my people (sioux) did hundreds of years ago...nor do i wish to have all my friends and neighbors return to the country of their origin....if they can even be traced back that far. and how far backwards do we need to go? you cannot drive into the future by looking in your rear-view mirror. again, this is not hostile....but boy am i confused.

Paul Shinkawa

kekailoa perry
o`ahu, hawai`i
aloha bumpy! keep up the struggle . . .kekailoa.

Sat Jot Khalsa
Cornell University
Kapaa, Kauai
You've done an incredible job on this site. I believeall people should know about the sovereignty movement,whether they support it or not--information is power.Although I may not agree with all of what you advocate,I know that the Hawaiian people deserve some form of reparation from the U.S. Government. I plan on studyingthe overthrow of the monarchy and it's ramificationsextensively next semester, so your page has been, and willbe, a valuable resource. Mahalo.

Maka'ala Brooks
Hui Ho'omalu I Ka 'Aina, Ha'ena, Kaua'i
What a super way for us to keep informed. We are not always able to speak or write to each other. Mahalo Nui Loa for this opportunity to let you know we are her. Maka'ala. Aloha.

Robert Durick
Aiea, Hawaii
As a twenty three year resident of Hawaii, I support, in some undefined way,sovereignty for Hawaii. I'm not sure whether the Hawaiian people should havea nation within a nation, or whether the state should be an independent countrywith citizens of all origins. I am hoping this web site will lead me to a better understanding of the issues.

Charlotte Tsali Hunter
Hunter Institute for the Preservation of Native Culture and Art
My warmest wishes for your continued success. First Nation people everywhere, unite!

Ronette Obrey
I am still concerned that the average Hawaiian, myself included,has the need for much more education before making an informeddecision as to the benefits of Sovereignty in practice. I note that you now favor the Native Hawaiian Vote. Perhaps now thereis room for a melding of the divergent groups to form a more united front? The bickering and back-biting among the groups maintain the confusion among the masses. How can we expect justiceif as a people we cannot agree to its definition? Difficult asit may be, we must first become cohesive in our goals before, andin strength, we can effect the change we desire. How to do that,I don't know. But I believe our next steps should be in thisdirection. For only in numbers and with one voice can the seriousness of our endeavor be communicated and our goal be met.We need a unified forum to educate Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian alike.The uninformed voter will affect the lives of my grandchildren andyours and we cannot afford to make any mistakes.
I disagree with one of your guests who says Mililani is too "loud".I did at one time believe that she was too radical to effect any positive change, but I have since recognized and respect herintelligence. This is what the haole understands and fears.It is the weapon that will most affect the movement - not passionatepleas or violent threats but intelligent argument and rationalexpectations. This will best persuade the negative mindset of ourState officials and the naysayers. We have been too quiet over thesehundred years and now IS the time to be loud with our voice. I wouldlike to rid the notion that it is "shame" to be Hawaiian.
Thank you for the opportunity to express my view, uneducated as it is.Also thanks to Scott Crawford for all the postings. I am learning.

Joshua Johansen
Hawaii Prep.
I enjoyed your page very much, and think it is needed to inform people that do not ungerstand our movement.I have always respected our beliefs as Hawaiians, and have tryed to do my part by gaining as much information about all Hawaiian crafts. I am currently searching forInfo. on Hawaiian fish hooks and the methods used to makethem.

Franklin G. Baleto
chamorro nation/ chamorro resident
Guam, but UH student in Hawaii
I like the way you guys are fighting the First Hawaiian Bank in S.F., just keepup the good work and keep the State of Hawaii Sovereign.


Added March - July 1996

Jessica Davidson
Hey just using my friends computer to say howz'it

Birgitte Puanani Kaikala
Kaahumanu Society Chapter 11
Hana, Maui
Pehea oe?

Derek Ho'ohau'oli Kauanoe
Honolulu, Hawai'i

Kenneth Kimo Kaleiwahea
Kamehameha Grad/UH Student/Sigma Phi Epsilon
Waimanalo- Hale Aupuni
I am interested in the Nation and its efforts towards a sustainable and efficient community. Please send me info on the Nation of Hawaii and its need for architects. I am an architecture student that is looking for a job in sustainable development

David Norris
Hawi, Big Island

Wally Soares
Island Skill Gathering

Zachary Labez
Hawaii Filipino Chronicle
Honolulu, Hawaii

Yvette Noelani Fernandez
Honolulu, Hawaii

Reid K. Yoshida
Civil Enginerring Grad Student
I just wanted to thank the people who put together the homepage for theNation of Hawaii. I have just recently started reading more about thesovereignty movement in Hawaii, and am glad to see that information can be obtained on the net. Although I'm not Hawaiian, my family comes from Hanalei, on the island of Kaua'i. We have taro farms in the valley and growing up on the farm, I can associate with the deep love for the landthat the Hawaiian people feel. I just wanted to wish my support and bestwishes for all the people pushing for sovereignty. Hopefully soon, the Hawaiian people can get back what is rightfully theirs.

Thaila Hatsuko Giltner Kaikana
Kapi'olani Community College
Honolulu, Hawaii
I feel that in order to obtain sovreignty, one must stop the economic oppression. If you are independent economically, then soon you will be indenpendent in all aspects. Today, I hate to say it but money is power. Money is freedom. Money is survival. You have to put in the time before you can earn your pay. It's that time versus money concept. I know how hard it is to survive. I know the cost of living is high on this land of mine. There is no such thing as rags to riches (unless you work to the bone), mobility is very low. You will die probably being in the same "class" as your parents, and their parents alike. STOP THE OPPRESSION, BE FREE ECONOMICALLY, THAT IS HOW THE BATTLE WILL BE WON.

John Swensson
Maui Comm College
Eng 100 Class is studying Haunani Trask's "From a Native Daughter," led by a Kihei haole who heard Haunani speak at De Anza College, and then came to Mauyi CC on sabbatical. Hope all is well with
Ka Lahui. Regards from the 14 students in Eng 1000 who are doing their research papers on the Hawaiian Nation.

Bruce L. Hollihan
Mahalo for your informative site.

Kehaulani Mee-Ling Strekow
Kahalu`u, Hawai`i
I have always been interested in learning about my culture. The more that is available for me to learn is better for me. I hope that you can help me gain more knowledge about my culture and also about the sovereignty issue that we as Hawaiians are facing today. Thank you for your time and consideration.

right on!


Alohawaina I Makai Makanani
Kauai Hoala Kanawai
Waillua Nuihoano Puna Kauai
piha ka opu hiki ana oe

Mel Furtado
MAF Enterprises
Honolulu, Hawaii

Karen Ka'ohulani Nielsen
Hawai'i International School of English
Kailua, O'ahu

Mike Dubrasich
College of Agriculture, UHHilo
The 24 Canoe Plants pages are excellent! All cultureshave special relationships with plants, and this is nowhere more evident than Hawai'i. It is through plants that we bind to the land. Pa'a.

Bill Carr
Wish to publish a long poem. Never published before. Please e mail me. New to the Internet, don't know how to go about it. Believe the poem reaches dominant culture with respect for Hawaii independence/culture issues.

Cheryl Romance Kim ("Kiki") Yee Stacy-Kieke
Ecotropic, Inc.
Kamuela, HI
I am a new resident of Hawaii trying to trace the roots of my Hawaiian/Chinese heritage. I know that my great-grandmother is Hawaiian but know little else. I know that in the early 1800's my great-grandfather left China, along with a Chinese wife in Canton several children, and came through Hawaii on his way to SanFrancisco. He lived on Oahu and Kauai for some time and duringsuch time he married his second wife, a Hawaiian woman (known only to us as Lanikai). He then went on to have several children, including my grandfather, Frank Yee. Sometime iIn the mid-1840's,my great-grandfather moved on, alone, to California. There, he married a third wife (Chinese). Because he had no sons with histhird wife, he made his second wife in Hawaii send my grandfather to him in San Francisco. They went on to move to live throughout northern California and Nevada. I know little else, other than rumours.Is there an organization in Hawaii that can help me track my roots.Perhaps an organization that recorded incoming immigrants, marriages, and/or births here in Hawaii during the 1800's?I appreciate any guidance you can provide. Mahalo.

Wailuku, Maui, Hawai'i
The information on this page is very helpful. I am currently enrolled in a Hawaiian Studies class at Maui Community College and Nation of Hawai'i's homepage was very informative.

Kuuipo Jay
Maui, Hawaii
Very helpful! Keep it going for the Hawaiian people.

Frank Hambaro
Waianae, Hawaii
I have been following Mr. Kanahele's quest for what is right and I support his cause. Not because he is Hawaiian and not only because a great wrong was done to the Hawaiian people, but because Mr. Kanahele has a valid argument. He has a point. A great injustice was done. Inevitably, it must be resolved.

Rev. Angelica Jayne Taggart
Center for Spiritual Growth
Hawai'ian Paradise Park, Big Island

Dayna L Gabriel
Maui Community College
Lana'i City

Coleen Ashworth
Makawao, Maui
My first visit here. Discovered your site browsing at a class taught at Maui Community College.

Wendy Delos Reyes
Princess Nahi'ena'ena Elementary
Lahaina, HI

sandy ryan
maui pacific center

Wende Elizabeth Marshall
Wai`anae HI

Nicholas Goodness
MHPCC (Computer challenge)
Baldwin High School Wailuku

Tom Cannon, Architect
Architects Maui
Ha'iku, Maui, Hawai'i
Long live what is special about Hawai'i.

Orson Swindle
Orson Swindle for Congress
Honolulu, Hawaii
I look forward to becoming more informed on the issue of Hawaiian sovereignty and your views. Thanks for putting up this page!!

Paul Littleton
Too bad we can no longer catch fish at Kahoolawe without breaking the law.

Dan X. Hall
Queen's Medical Center
How about some links to other sites around the world hosted by indigenous peoples striving for independence and sovereignty. (NOTE: There are a few on our Links Page)

Milo G. Clark
Namahs USA
Kihei, Maui and Berkeley CA
Makes me proud to see such good work. I'll have to explore this whole area more carefully as time permits.

Halealoha a me Makanani
Hui Malama I Na Kupuna `O Hawai`i Nei
"You can leave it all behind, and sail to Lahaina,
Just like the missionaries did, so many years ago
They even brought a neon sign, "Jesus Is Coming"
Brought the white man's burden down, brought the white man's reign
We will provide the grand design, what is yours and what is mine
There is no more new frontier, we have got to make it hear
We satisify our endless needs, and justify our bloody deeds
In the name of destiny, and in the name of God."
"Last Resort" by the Eagles

Cha Smith
stop the plebiscite coalition

Jason takano
High school Student
Don't put animation it takes too much mememory and slows down transfers the new design is ok but make it all the way around.

Travis W. Kaui
Maika'i No.

Michael G. Kenyon
Waiohuli Beach Hale
Kihei, Maui HI
First the preachers then the politicians. Why couldn't they have left Hawaii alone. I find myself ashamed and embarasses to be a haole sometimes. The expansionist attitude of the "white man" is bewildering. While I am most grateful to be in Hawaii I wish I had been here 100 years ago. Maybe I could have had the opportunity for a greater impact.

Brridgette Kealoha Lee
Hawaiian Regency
Love your thing about Hawaii. It would be good for the people who want to know more about it. Mahalo nui loa.

Jacinta Theresa Mei-lin Napualaniakamakahiehie Pereze-Ho

Leslie Richards
Kihei, Maui, HI

Alan T. Murakami
Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation
Honolulu, HI
Good format. Very informative.

Irene Boey
Honolulu/ Malaysai
Nice work in the web. Charlie Levy
Makawao, Maui

Larry Loganbill
moloaa new media
kilauea, kaua`i

Marvin W. Mestanza
concerned individual
Kalama Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii
I am supportive of Hawaiian Soverenity. I am very impressed with this web page. Soverenity will come some day. Aloha.

Laura Lyons
Honolulu, Hawai'i

Manu Josiah
I write to express my support for the Hawaiians on Makua beachand ask for all Hawaiians to join them in making a stand againstthe continuing genocide of Hawaiians and culture. The "House-Less"people on Makua Beach need our support. They are being labeled asuseless, lazy, dirty people. The public is given the impressionthat they are dealing in drugs and guns and making a mess at Makua.They are accused of harrassing visitors on the beach when the totalopposite is the truth. The opala that they are being blamed formaking and leaving all over the place is in fact the result ofthe cleaning that they ahve done. They put the trash in a pilefor the state to take care of. This trash is left on the beachby people who care less about the aina (both hawaiian and non-hawaiian). The state says they want to create a park at Makua.The REAL TRUTH is that the state wants to create another Bellows on the Leeward side of O`ahu and continue to allow the U.S. to rape the aina with more bombs and troops.Think about it, in Hawaii we have Pearl Harbor, Hickam, Ft. Shafter, Schoefield Barracks, Camp Smith, Kaneohe Marine CorpsBase, Wahiawa Satellite Station, Barking Sands, Pohakuloa TrainingSite and a base in Waikiki (how convenient!), Bellows plus Makuafiring range. Now they want Makua Beach. All Hawaiians should bebe on the beach with these people showing the state that enough isenough.

Garth W.D. Fisher

Marissa Matsuda
Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii

Edward Wailau Duvauchelle Jr

Carolyn Ho
Looking forward to Hawaii's becoming fully aware of its pivotal place in world history vis-a vis sovereignty...

Added July 1996 - December 1996

Tom Cannon
Architects Maui
Ha'iku, Maui, Hawai'i

Edward Wailau Duvauchelle Jr

Ako Ka`anapu`u

Jill Belyeu
Nation of Hawai`i
Lahaina, Maui, Hawai`i

Kalaniku Kaakimaka Martinez
Kalopa, Honokaa, Island of Hawaii
I just found your web page tonight and I really love it. Please let my sister Lehua and Brother-in-law Kona know that I stopped by to visit your home page. I am so glad to be informed about my ohana living there and I know that they are in a good place. Please give my Aloha to the Kupahu 'Ohana. Aloha 'au ia 'oe 'O Ke'ani'ani' o ke'alalehua. Love, Anake Kalaniku!

Angel St. Claire
Honolulu, Hawaii

John P. Powell
Kim & Powell, attorneys
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


Sachi Hong
Honolulu, Hawaii
It's a godd page, but intresting that Hawaiians all over the world are going to be able to vote. Especially since many are not fully aware of what it about to happen, and because they have almost no sure way of being reached. How are you planning to have people on other continents vote. Is there any minimum Hawaiian-Blood percentage which will be required. I ask this because some people are not fully aware of their nationality. And those who are adopted, may be Hawaiian, but durring adoption, they legally take over their new parents nationalties.


Jared Kaulana Au
'Aiea,O'ahu, Hawai'i
Get sovereignty now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its the best place to live.

James Glenn Frye
Christopher Travel & Tours
Pahoa, HI.
Aloha and compliments on a fabulous site, found you through a link with the Polynesian Cafe. A noble endeavor for a noble people, your time has come. Here's hoping for a more unified Hawai'ian peoples.
Malama Pono
Jim Frye

William Kaahumanu Kaeo III
Glad to see web page concerning the hawaiian people and their unique stand on this issue.

Pastor Gary Langley
Windward Worship Center
Kaneohe, Hawaii
Thank you for the rational, well-presented explanation of your position on this complex issue. I am a haole transplant of 14 years with many Hawaiian/part-Hawaiian friends on both (several??) sides of the sovereignty issues. My main concern is that often Christianity is seen as the villian, despite the historical fact that "Henry O" is largely responsible for the influx of Missionaries, and despite the fact that many Hawaiian Christians are seeking sovereignty which includes the return to the TRUE Hawaiian spirituality, including a return the the worship of 'Io.
This is the kind of educational effort and open dialog that leads to thoughful consideration of your case. Those of us looking at the issue from the "outsiders" position are turned away by the harsh rhetoric of the UH Hawaiian Studies people. Keep it with this tone, and people can support you!

Henry "Hana" Kauhi
Wailuku, Maui Hawaii
Just wanted to drop a line and ask for the Nation's this year's elections. I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives, II Congressional District which includes all the outer islands and rural parts of Oahu. I believe I can help to further the Hawaiian cause to become independant once more if elected. Please call me or write to:
Hana Kauhi
P.O. Box 330051
Kahului, Hawaii 96733
Pager Number on Maui: 872-7224
Mahalo and aloha for your support.

Theodore A. Daligdig III
Wailua Homesteads, Kauai, Hawaii
I enjoy reading the related info on the Hawaiian movement.
I am the ex-son-in-law to
Kahale Smith and am aware of the struggles he encountered with the Hawaiian Homes Department. For the record, I supported his fight for making a wrong a right. Your age on the Internet will allow my two sons (his grandsons) to capture and document information on their late grand father. Their ages are 11 and 8 years and they have spent many hours reading your articles.
Aloha !

Danielle Apo
Wailuku, Maui

Tom Pico, Jr.
Tom Pico, Jr. for Congress
Kailua, Hawaii
I support sovereignty for Hawaiians. The sovereignty movement is a direct consequence of the American goverment's failure to keep its promises to the Hawaiian people. As an American (and I am proud to be an American) I regret my government's failure, but the fact of its failure is reality and must be acknowledged.

randall oreta
hilo hawaii

Elizabeth A Adams
I am a artist
I have enjoyed the 24 "Canoe Plants" very much, thought it was well done. Have used the information when I show my art work of what the ancient plants are.

Gregory Willson
Real World Web Productions
you have an archive that makes me feel good. I am an environmental enineer living on Kauai, Who has started a busy Web design firm.
Life is good.
Thanks for proving once again that the web is the place for good information
Greg Willson

Nani Rogers
Hui Hookipa o Kauai
Kapaa, Kauai
Aloha kaua e Kekula & Scott,
E makai no kou hale page.
Its wonderful to kuka with you incyberspace from Kauai. Havebeen wondering how youve been.E kahea mai iau, hiki no. Lets kukavia ke nae, the web.
Aloha hou,

Nelson Hurder Makua
Nelson Makua Design
Puna, Hawai'i

Pono Kakou a pau e holomua a e kako'o kekahi i kekahi a loa'a hou ka Lahui Hawai'i me ke 'ano he 'aina Ku'oko'a.

Mario M. Castillo
Hilo, Hawaii
Glad to see you guys on the net. Aloha

Edmund Freeman
Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii
Hawaii internet information and pictures are grand. Especially Herb Kana's JPG pictures. Mahalo and Aloha nui loa.

Mark Cook
InterSite Communications Inc.
Kaneohe, HI
Excellent presentation and content...warmest regards!

Don Regalmuto
Tantra Productnios
I bless and support the Hawaiian Independance movement. After living on maui for 12 years and being a resident I pray strong changes to take place that will restructure the power here so that Aina will be protected
Love Light & Peace
Don Regalmuto

Jennie Yamaki
University of Hawaii
Pearl City
All I am reading about is how the US did the Hawaiian people wrong. If you look at the economy before the US presence, it was non-existant. The Native Hawaiian people have forgotten what the US has done for Hawaii. They have brought a stable economy, established a strong government, introduced foreign investors, and brought in tourism. I don't see anything wrong with that?
Now, when you talk of creating a separate nation, I see no future. Do you think that the people of other nations will want to trade with an island that can provide nothing to them. We already experienced a problem like that in Hawaiian history with sandal wood and whaling. After these were used up we went to pineapples and crops. But this is today, do you really think that people want to trade cars for pineapples? I think not. This is a narrow minded organization with no such future! Get real!

Reginald David: Knipes
Kailua, O'ahu, Hawai'i Nei

Donna Mae N. Fernando
University of Hawaii-Journalism Major
Honolulu, HI
Since you are considering braking away from the United States to form your own kingdom, I would like to know how you plan to provide elementary, secondary, and college level education for the young men and women in your state.

John A. H. Tomoso, MSW, ACSW, LSW
Maui HAO
island of Maui
have bookmarked your page along with others to get and stay in touch with a comprehensive view of the Hawaiian Sovereignty "arena".

Harry M. Moore
MWD Internet Marketing
I am finishing a page of Hawaii Links and I placed you guysas top billing on the Hawaii government page.
Let me know for other pages you do that should be linked inany of the catagories.
Mahalo, Harry Moore (808) 521-5585 ( New version up this week! )

Andrew S. Iwashita
Hilo, Hawai'i

D. H. Kaanapu
Ka Lahui
Honolulu, O'ahu
I had just stumbled across this web page while looking thru the Native Web Site. I am ~REALLY HAPPY~ it have come and have read about this place on the Net.
IMUA.....Mahalo nui loa & God bless

Billie Beamer

W. Thomas (Koma) Hoots, Jr.
National Park Service
Onipa`a ka ko.

Jan Elliott
Los Angeles or Hana, Maui

Peter Keli`iho`omanawanui Vanderpoel
HSEC and OHA are subordinates of Hawai`i state government and are thus subordinates of U.S. government. Do we trust "Big Brother" that much? And what are the consequences to an entire people when a foreign government determines its fate? Natives of French Polynesia, North and South America, South Africa, and of course Hawai`i have learned first hand. We ought not let it happen again. Do we realize that by creating a forum sponsored by HSEC (the state and federal govt) that we are bound by their rules? I fear that we will be stuck in a position where we have no options but to accept what the U.S. gives us....and it won't be complete sovereignty.

Florentino Villaro
Hawaii GateWay
Very Informative Site! Keep up the GREAT work!

Patricia Reyes
Honolulu, Hawaii
Very interesting reading

Pua Alapa'i
Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i
Imua a loa'a ka lei o ka lanakila!

Johnna Ann Rapozo
hawaiian islands

Derek Ho'ohau'oli Kauanoe
ka haumana mai kulanui 'o Hawai'i pakipika
Makiki, Hawai'i
Aloha Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians. I'm glad to see that people are continuously checking out this homepage. Don't forget to check the sites of Ka Lahui and Poka Laenui. I am still currently researching sovereignty groups, so I can decide on who to support. I do support all the groups in their efforts of achieving soveriegnty, however, right now i still am undecided on which group best suits the needs of us Hawaiians. I am really really interested in hearing more of what other site visitors think about the issue of Hawaiian sovereignty. So, please feel free to e-mail me at Your mana'o will be greatly appreciated. I would especially like to exchange ideas with people between the ages of 18 and 25, perhaps we can get together sometime and discuss these issues. Please fee free to do so.
Aloha, a hui hou

Derek Ho'ohau'oli Kauanoe

Emmett H. Helms
Hawaii Unorganized Militia
I respect what you are doing. If there is ever any way I can support you, please let me know. We are not the "bad guys"the press make us out to be.

Duke Manuolevasa Walls
Hana, Maui
Aloha, just wanted to compliment you on your web site.It's wonderful that this important message is getting outto the world.

Edward Sills
KCC, Koke`e NH Museum NTBG
Hanapepe, Kaua`i
Why oh why oh why are they going to build a 200 foot telecommunications tower on Haupu? I just found out.
Ed Sills

honolulu, hawaii
thank you for the great information that you have placed here on line it was great!! much mahalo's!

Florentino Villaro Jr.
Hawaii GateWay
Honolulu, Hawaii
Great Website! Keep up the great work! Visit:

Lee Ann
Waimanalo, Hawaii

Rona Lee Kleiman
Legalize Freedom
Kapoho, Hawai`i, Hawai`i
Aloha, I am happy to find this page, although -- given the current and recent past political/financial climate, I wonder if "they" will "allow" a return of what was stolen from the Hawaiian Nation. Perhaps, after I brouse the area (if I am "allowed" to do so) I will have further comments, but I strongly feel that the Hawaiian People have every right to resume their place in the world of nations.

David Wethington
Honolulu, HI

Marian Grey
Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, Hawaii
Very interested in what's happening with Hawaiian politics.

luciano minerbi
urban and regional planning UH
honolulu, hawaii
i teach planning related courses including Plan 632 Planning in Hawaii and Pacific Islands focusing on Hawaii, Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. The course uses an indigenous perspective in dealing with island based planning. Students write papers of interest also to Hawaiian groups. Thus information from you is useful in the course. As at times students study and elaborate on what we receive. From community planning to fishpond restoration, to island environmental management and sovereignty. thank you very much.

Lana B. Bracha
Kudos to the Hawaiian Nation for your efforts regarding the First Hawaiian Bank anti-trust matter. I am not a native Hawaiian. I have lived for 15 years on the mainland in 5 different states. In all my adult life's banking experience, the one with FHB is by far the worst. To start with, there is so little banking competition in HI. So far, I have not tried other banks, on the assumption that they are probably the same as long as we do not have more diversification. Your Website, certainly reinforced this notion. The staff at FHB, from the top down, treats its customers financially and otherwise as if they have nothing to lose. It is especially felt at their main branch, what they regard as their flagship. Btw, its new main branch banking floor-plan (atrium) embodies it better than any word can describe. The bank needs to demonstrate itself as the patron of the art, took precedent over its functionality as public banking floor. It reminds me of the European monarchs and nobles, which the Top Five became to be here in Hawai'i. Disgusting to all of us. Please please continue your efforts on this front. Happy holidays, and God bless.
Lana B. Bracha

Sam Clark
Ha'iku, Maui

Kaunakakai, Hawaii
I can't think of a better place to keep informed of the issues facing my neighbors on this most friendly of islands.
Mahalo for being here...
- Hugh

Ken E.K. Hunt
Kihei, Maui
This is a great piece of artwork showing depth and beauty, as can only be expressed by Hawaiians. Thank you for the opportunity to view it. More importantly, the opportunity to express the truth about Hawaiians is beautifully expressed here.

Honolulu, Oahu
The Kingdom exists. All that is needed is independence

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