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News Release

For Immediate Release, Feb. 27, 1996

Contact: Oahu - Scott Crawford, 739-5995; or Rolf Nordahl, 921-8294
Maui - Blossom Feiteira, 575-7412

Maui Demonstration: "Thumbs Down" to First Hawaiian

The Nation of Hawaii on Maui and other Native Hawaiian and Maui community leaders are planning a protest from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at the Wailuku Branch of First Hawaiian Bank at 27 Market Street, voicing our opposition to First Hawaiian's anti-competitive and discriminatory actions, saying "Thumbs Down" to First Hawaiian!

This action is in protest to First Hawaiian Bank's attempt to revise the final judgment of the Department of Justice, which required FHB to sell off the Wailuku Branch, along with several others, because of their overwhelming share of the banking market on Maui, in violation of U.S. anti-trust laws.

FHB is currently seeking Justice approval to sell the branches in question to Finance Factors, Inc., and the Nation of Hawai`i, along with other businesses, organizations and individuals on Maui, have filed comments protesting the revision of the Justice Department's 1991 final judgment, saying that FHB should be required to make further efforts to seek qualified buyers and comply with the original judgment. Judge Ezra may rule on First Hawaiian's request anytime after Wednesday.

The full contents of the Nation of Hawaii's comments to Justice are attached, and are also available via the world wide web at the following URL:

[While the Nation of Hawaii does not recognize US jurisdiction in Hawaii, under Article 17, Transitional Provisions of the Nation's 1995 Hawaii Constitution, we recognize the need for the enforcement of existing laws and operation of current agencies, especially where they protect Native Hawaiian interests and rights.]

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