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We Need Your Kokua (Help)

Mahalo for your interest in Hawaiian national rights and for your willingness to learn and network the true history and current status of the Hawaiian people.

The Nation of Hawai'i has been at the forefront of the Hawaiian rights movement for over twenty years. Through consistent educational endeavors we have significantly advanced the restoration of social justice in Hawai'i and fostered global awareness of our cause.

Your help is needed now, to further the progress. The peaceful resolution of the plight of the Native Hawaiian people and other subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii will encourage the utilization of nonviolent solutions for all occupied nations and colonized peoples attempting to restore human rights under international law. Your capital contributions and networking will assist us in this crucial phase of our organizational and educational evolution and support ongoing efforts to restore truth and integrity in the treatment of Hawaiian issues.

The website and Hawaii Nation Info mailing list have been operating since 1994 spreading awareness of Hawaiian political and cultural issues through the Internet. From its inception as one of the first web sites in Hawaii, has remained one of the most heavily trafficked and widely linked Hawaii sites, from countries all around the world. The site has received over a dozen awards for the quality of the information and presentation.

These services have been one of the primary means by which information about Hawaiian sovereignty and self-determination have been shared with a larger audience, and considering the general lack of coverage in mainstream media there are many who would probably never haver heard of the Hawaiian independence movement otherwise. As the Washington Post reported on August 9, 1998, regarding the Aloha March in Washington DC, "Most of yesterday's protesters... said they learned about the march from relatives or on the Internet." The interest that all the recipients of our list have shown by subscribing, and the positive feedback we receive, is most gratifying and appreciated.

Now with many exciting events happening on many levels in the movement, it is important that the technology be utilized as effectively as possible to continue to share the news and information about Hawaii directly to the recipients of our list, and to our many visitors on the World Wide Web. These services have a potential far beyond what is currently implemented.

They have been provided free of charge and maintained on an almost entirely volunteer basis for over twenty years. Now at this time, we would like to humbly request your support to help us develop a range of new features for the website and the list to take full advantage of the technology.

We have many ideas that we would like to implement to improve the quality of the website, but implementing these features does take resources and time. Therefore we ask that all those who value the information provided and would like to see it improved and enhanced, who are able do so, please make a financial contribution to support the services. (The list subscription remains free, donations are voluntary support.)

In addition, we have underway other initiatives that are in need of support, including continual gathering of kupuna (elders) to help unify and provide spiritual and cultural guidance for the movement, equipping remote areas with computers and internet connections along with other office needs, and creating solutions for a model of sustainable living at the village of Pu`uhonua o Waimanalo.

As the truth of Hawaii's history becomes widely known and the transition to independence becomes a reality, you will know that you have played an important part in this historic process with your support of these educational services and taroroots projects.

Aloha First, a not for profit 501c3 tax exempt corporation, has come forward to be of service in the ongoing educational and organizational elements of restoring justice and peace in Hawai'i. At this time the most practical way to accept funds is via an entity established under the de facto laws of the occupying government, until the transition to independence is more fully underway, and this also allows tax-deductions for those who desire it. Your capital contributions and donation of goods and services will be received through and managed by Aloha First in accordance with its mission statement.

Please give what you can and encourage others to participate. Your contributions will help Aloha First upgrade communications capabilities and provide a foundation to support ongoing efforts to restore truth and integrity in the treatment of Hawaiian issues.

Please send donations by check or money order to

Aloha First
PO Box 701
Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795

Email questions regarding donations to:

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