Description of the Hawaiian Independence Flag


The Hawaiian Independence Flag consists of three horizontal bars, white, gold, and black (top to bottom), with the black and white each occupying one quarter of the flag, and the gold filling the central half. In the center of the gold rests a purple kahili.

The white and black bars represent the balance of all things - Heaven and Earth, night and day, the positive and negative. The gold represents the entire human `ohana (family), with precious life as pure as golden light. The purple represents the original inhabitants of the Hawaiian Archipelago, Na Kanaka Maoli, caretakers of the Spirit of Aloha. The Kahili is an ancient symbol of communication between Heaven and Earth, inspiring leadership of the `ohana. The Kahili is embraced by La`i, leaves of Ti, a sacred plant of Hawai`i with powers of spiritual protection and healing.

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