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ANNEXATION HAWAII : Fighting American Imperialism
By Thomas J. Osborne, 1998
ISBN 0-9633484-1-8

Island Style Press, P.O. Box 296, Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795

Autographed copies, $22 postage paid
Annexation Hawaii - cover
Annexation Hawaii is not a long-winded, self-serving, opinionated, nepotistic, regurgitation of a rogue grandfather's audacious attempt to whitewash grand larcenies layered on by five generations of missionary/businessmen who came to do good and betrayed their Polynesian hosts to become arrogant, imperialistic multi-millionaires.

Annexation Hawaii is a meticulously factual account of the arduous attempt to annex Hawaii 1893-1889. Professor Thomas J. Osborne, acclaimed by his colleagues as a distinguished scholar, deals in facts. Happily, he has no enlightened self-interest ax to grind and no hypocritical ancestors to defend.

Stephen T. Boggs, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, UH Manoa, a thorough review of sources...concise, solid, lucid explanation... deserves the attention of scholars of American expansion in the Pacific.

The Journal of American History

...a litany of anti-imperialist concerns over Hawaii's annexation as an "entering wedge" for further acquisition of overseas territories...and the historical and moral dilemmas contained therein.

Institute for Polynesian Studies

...people believe that "imperialism" won out for military reasons. Osborne shows convincingly that commerce won out instead. America...seen as an "economic imperialist nation."

The Christian Century

... honest, fair-minded...a clearer view of the complexity involved in this important episode in American expansion.

The Western Historical Quarterly

...Osborne's book is a worth contribution to the historiographies of anti-imperialism...challenging...a solid accomplishment by an able scholar.

Review in American History

...intelligent, judicious and convincing.

The Pacific Historian

...detailed discussion... abundant new material.

American Historical Review

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