The Proclamation of Restoration of the Independent Nation of Hawai’i:
A Fantasy Theme Analysis

By Darin J. Arsenault, May 1997

Table of Contents


This study investigated a specific group within the Hawai’ian sovereignty movement known as the Independent Nation of Hawai’i and analyzed one of their communication artifacts called the Proclamation of the Restoration of the Independence of the Sovereign Nation State of Hawai’i, using symbolic convergence theory and fantasy theme analysis. Symbolic convergence theory suggests that groups share messages to gain acceptance and to recruit new members. Fantasy theme analysis utilizes as its criteria obvious as well as emergent symbolization within messages that intertwine into a coherent dramatization. Fantasy theme analysis employs setting, dramatis personae, action, saga, and rhetorical community as criteria. This study discovered that Spirit, Kanaka Maoli, Kupuna, and Lili’uokalani serve as positive dramatis personae themes in this artifact whereas the United States Government and haole invaders are depicted as villains. Further, Native Hawai’ians are defended as worthy of maintaining political autonomy from foreign intervention in their own lands. Their sense of worthiness was based upon their claims of foreign injustice towards Native Hawai’ians, cultural preservation, and environmental protection. This study demonstrated how the use of fantasies by the Independent Nation could chain out in a fashion that encouraged participation and action toward an Independent Nation, which is a rhetorical vision of the future.