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Hawaiian Sovereignty Subject Of Meeting Saturday At Blaisdell Arena

The Maui News
December 12, 1996

HONOLULU (AP) -- The Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council is proposing a November 1997 election of delegates to a convention to propose some form of Native Hawaiian government.

The council will hold a meeting Saturday at Blaisdell Arena to receive input from the community. About 1,000 people -- Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians -- are expected to participate.

The council estimates it will cost $1.1 million to hold the election and $7.2 million to hold the convention.

The council also is recommending that the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Legislature each pay one-third of the cost, and the Hawaiian community raise the other third.

During Saturday's meeting, speakers will have three minutes each to comment on the proposal. However, they won't be given any time for long presentations on alternative proposals.

Council Executive Director Lulani McKenzie said the intent is to focus the meeting ``on a subject matter so it doesn't go all over the place.''

Opponents of the council and the Native Hawaiian Vote will be among those participating in the Saturday meeting. Among the opponents are the sovereignty groups Ka Lahui Hawaii and Ka Pakaukau.

Kekuni Blaisdell, leader of Ka Pakaukau, said at a news conference Wednesday that Princeton University professor of international law Richard Falk has reviewed the Native Hawaiian Vote and concluded that it is invalid.

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