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JUNE 14, 1999
Contact: Jimmy K. Wong
(808) 348-8458

Honolulu, Hawaii - Peggy Hao-Ross, Pro Tem Chairperson of the NativeHawaiian Convention (NHC), announced today that Delegates would begindeliberations for a Native Hawaiian Government beginning July 31, 1999.

The date for this historic occasion was selected by the Executive Committeeof the NHC at its June 5th meeting. "Delegates have been preparing forthis moment since being elected last January 17th and I, as well as manyothers in our community, have been impressed with the scope, depth, andquality of the Delegates efforts in all pertinent subject areas" said thewell-seasoned Hawaiian political activist.

Pre-convention activities have included several General Assemblies held inHonolulu, Oahu and Hilo, Hawaii, and numerous committee and moku meetingswhere members discussed and contemplated issues and concerns for creating aHawaiian government and organizing the Hawaiian Convention to maximizecommunity participation. The NHC's Education Committee has developed acurriculum based on the result of these gatherings. A series ofinformational and educational meetings will begin on Tuesday, June 15th andcontinue through Wednesday, July 21st.

Guest panelist and delegates will speak on a variety of topics. Allmeetings will be held at the State Capitol auditorium in Honolulu. Inaddition to the above meetings, delegates are scheduling community outreachprograms during this period to gather community input that may be introducedinto the convention proceedings. These community meetings are of a highpriority and Delegates are exploring a number of creative ways of reachingas many of their constituents as possible.

Subject Matter committees are also developing a schedule of public hearingsto be held during the convention to gather further input and refineproposals introduced during the convention. Decisions on the duration of theconvention and ratification process will be made by Delegates at a laterdate. Delegates intend to fund the convention through fundraisers,donations, and grants. They will seek funding from any and all sources,such as private and / or government organizations or individuals, includingthe provision of goods and services, provided that no contributions conflictwith their objective.

For additional information regarding dates, time and other matters, pleasecontact Jimmy K. Wong, (808) 348-8458.


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