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Danners, the Oil-igarchy, Alaska and Hawai'i

This is intended to address Mahealani Kamauu's online dialogue of 2/26/03 that, "CNHA is not using any of its dollars to underwrite any lobbying effort in Congress on behalf of the Akaka Bill or any other federal legislation....However, Robin is in Washington D. C., lobbying for the Akaka bill. CNHA did not pay for it and had nothing to do with it. ... Neither Robin Danner nor her sister Jade are paid lobbyists, but have spoken out on controversial issues as individuals, which they have a right to do."

It also responds to CNHA's response by Mahealani to the press conference release of 2/24/03: "CNHA board members are unaware of documents or conduct which evidence wrongdoing on the part of CNHA's CEO. CNHA has never been contacted by the complainants or given an opportunity to examine the documents or address their concerns. CNHA's mission is community empowerment through economic development and related initiatives. As a matter of board policy, the organization has purposely not taken any position on Native Hawaiian governance or the Akaka Bill."

In order that everyone interested can judge for themselves, the documents are now available on this web page.

Please understand that this is not a personal attack on the Danners, but rather on the external forces out there beyond the reef that came into play to utilize the Danner sisters as instruments of advocacy and influence. It is an indication of how the Oil-igarchy has managed to dupe some of our leaders - and has caused divisiveness amongst us.

Compliments of Pu'uhonua Bumpy Kanahele, Head of State, Nation of Hawai'i.

Our statements are supported by the following evidence (documents displayed as GIF images):

  1. A contract between Danner & Associates, Jade Danner and Artic Power for $5,000 to lobby on their behalf
  2. Jade's activity log on Artic Power work, including statements regarding work with Senator Akaka's office and the kokua of family members in that work, including Robin Danner's kokua in a presentation to the Teamstear's Union
  3. A CNHA reimbursement request by Robin Danner, sent to Jade Danner, who then sent it to Artic Power for expenses covering air fare for Robin's presentation to the Teamsters
  4. A copy of Jade's cover letter to Artic Power that accompanied her activity to log relating to this particular period of time
  5. Copy of Jade's invoice for this period, requesting $7,500 for 1 1/2 months time on the job.

Arctic Power

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