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Kanahele's Statement to the Court

The following statement was made by Dennis Pu'uhonua Bumpy Kanahele prior to his sentencing on February 2, 1998.

To the Honorable Judge Helen Gilmor,

Before I go any further, by no means is this an excuse to justifymy actions to the crime that I have committed and plead guilty to, underthe laws of United States of America nor is it being disrespectful toyou, your Honor, in any way.

The Kanaka Maoli (indigenous Native Hawaiian) as a Culture ofpeople have endured some of the worst Human rights violations in theworld. The challenges that we face in today's western society would havebeen incredible, if not impossible for a Kanaka Maoli of old to tolerateand accept. I realize that I am that Kanaka Maoli of old, now having thefull knowledge of my Kupuna, of the past history, walking and talkingabout the journey that they've suffered and endured for so long.

As I look back at my childhood and think about my past historywhile growing up, I was very hardheaded, someway, somehow always gettingin trouble with the Authorities. Although I must admit some of thethings I've done in the past were very ugly and wrong, I have paid theprice for it, in one way or another. Since then I have searched withinmyself constantly for the reasons why I think, do and feel this way, andalso wondered why these patterns of my life's journey are so familiaramongst the Kanaka Maoli community. Could it be the Political ignoranceleading to distrust in government? Is it the Economic depressioncreating extra-curricular financial oppurtunities and activities? whatabout the Social disasters that we face today, in our health, housing,education and enviromental society which continue to plague the KanakaMaoli community, resulting in drug, alcohol and spouse abuse leading upto the highest percentage of inmates being of Kanaka Maoli ancestry in thecorrectional facilities of this state. The root of these common problemsin the Kanaka Maoli community is the conflict between western societyand the Inherent vested rights of the Kanaka Maoli people which havenever been extinguished at the present.

In the beginning, as I started to educate myself and learn moreabout our history, I became very angry at what had happened to myancestors, I felt cheated like them, of all my Human and Civil rights,and eventually, because of my beliefs, and actions that followed, I got in big time trouble for it. The educational limitations and suppressionplaced upon our people generations after generations, of our historicchronology, its evolution and the advancement in our Political,Economic, Social and Cultural development in my opinion has been themain factor to all of these problems.

Today I've taken in a lot of criticism by my constituents as to thechange in direction of working with and in the current system ofgovernment. Although the almost four months of incarceration at Halawacorrectional facility and the two long years of monitoring device andcurfew has brought a lot of humiliation to my ego, it has also set mypriorities in order and brought a lot of dicipline to my life.

As you know I'm married have been for almost 22 years. I have 3children, and one of them has Blessed me with a daughter-in-law andmy only grandaughter of a year and a half. Although I have been activelyinvolved in the sovereignty movement my wife and chidren have been lawabiding citizens.

Currently I sit on the Board of directors of the InternationalIndian Treaty Council, a non governmental organization with NGO statusto the United Nations, I also sit on the Board of directors for theWaimanalo Health Center, I am a member of the Waimanalo NeighborhoodBoard and I am the executive director for Aloha First, a non profitorganization with a 501-c3 status. As for my job, I am an independentconsultant for Golf Connections, dba Ohana Golf.

In the near future, I hope to be able to run for public officeunless restrictions strip me of that right also.

In closing I hope you will take all of these things intoconsideration, for my life is now in your hands to decide my fate.

God Bless, Dennis Pu'uhonua Bumpy Kanahele

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