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June 20, 1998

Gathering Planned To Honor the Ali'i at the 'Iolani Palace, August12, 1998

Twenty-two years ago more than six hundred native Hawaiians and their supporters gathered at 'Iolani Palace to the theme of the first historical, "Hawai'i Loa Kulike Kakou" organized by Kawaipuna Prejean to address the oppressive conditions native Hawaiians were experiencing with the State of Hawai'i and the Federal Government on issues such as "Stopping The Bombing of Kaho'olawe" and getting "legal help." George Helm was the focus and he delivered powerful messages that talked about love for one another and sharing the "bag of poi." His last words of wisdom will remain ingrained in our hearts, which showed his farsightedness and love for his people when he said, "Revolution is not a bad comes from the root word to change, and change is not a bad thing. Today we will stop the bombing of Kaho'olawe, tomorrow we will go on to something else!" George was very clear that Kaho'olawe and the rest of these islands had no title... he was hot and heavy on the trail of the State and Federal Governments.

This year, na kanaka maoli and their supporters will gather on Aug. 12, 1998, to partake in a sacred procession to honor the Ali'i who ruled the Independent Kingdom of Hawai'i, from the time of Kamehameha The Great to Lili'uokalani, for their contributions to the laws, treaties and constitutions that continue to protect us, na kanaka maoli, from ever losing our vested rights in all the lands of Hawai'i. The procession will wind down at the 'Iolani Palace where a celebration with music, dances, chants and recognition of their contribution to Hawai'i will highlight the day. For the first time the Bishop Museum will allow the request of native Hawaiians to release for that day the Kahili, feather cloak and Liloa's loin cloth to be part of the procession. Ho'okupu are welcome. 'Ohana Councils on each island will be attending to pay their respects to all ancestor's who have left us to be with Na Ali'i of Hawai'i Nei.

The gathering will take place on a Wednesday, so the organizers are asking that native Hawaiians prepare ahead of time to get the day off to attend. Kupuna can call for airline tickets.

While looks are deceiving, the economic, social, and political condition of the native Hawaiians has not improved as much as experts would like us to believe. Kidnapping of native Hawaiians exists in the present prison system, funds aimed at improving the conditions of the native Hawaiians continue to be a mismanaged, the educational system still has no idea on how to integrate the true Hawaiian history of it's people, lands and laws which are basics, ignoring the truth, keeping the general public in the dark. Still the State of Hawai'i has ignored our call for transition of government over to the Kingdom of Hawai'i, in spite of Public Law 103-150, the Apology Bill which calls for a "reconciliation" plan. According to the Treaty of 1850, the laws of the Kingdom and the Kingdom still exist and all the native Hawaiians have to do is exercise their rights as our Ali'i have set forth. Organizers see this event as one giant step to the implementation of the Kingdom of Hawai'i.

Another twist to this story is the State of Hawai'i's attempt to thwart this event with their illegal "indictment" of Don Lewis and Keanu Sai, who created the Perfect Title Company, on "Evading the 4% State excise taxes" as a threat to stop this gathering. Many people know that Don and Keanu are native Hawaiian subjects and their taxes will be paid to the Kingdom of Hawai'i, the rightful government.

While George Helm and Kawaipuna Prejean since have passed on, their contributions in this period will be remembered on this day as modern day leaders, made of the same DNA as our Ali'i Nui.

For more information please call Kaui Goodhue at 808-239-4082 or e-mail:

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